Exporter of chemical products needs to set up supply chain in USA


Client – one of the biggest exporter of chemical products in Czech Republic needed to set up a supply chain for its customers in USA. Logistics partner had to have expertise in handling of dangerous cargo and experience in delivering shipments to door including import customs formalities.


Dangerous cargo is subject to strict regulations. Therefore BDP-Wakestone had to consider the optimal routing and SS Line to avoid any unexpectable restrictions or delays en route to final destination. Shipments had to be supplied in regular frequency to secure stable flow of the material in customer production facilities. To do this BDP-Wakestone had to arrange equipment capacity, allocated space on ship and also free truck capacity for the last mile delivery.


  • Documentation audit before shipping.
  • Drop and Pull service when loading.
  • Precarriage to port of loading
  • Monitoring the handling and custom process in the port of discharge.
  • Oncarriage to the consignee
  • Service includes endto-end visibility, KPI´s monitoring, reports, documentation, consultancy
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