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Smart Logistic Solutions

We enjoy our work and have fun doing it. That´s what makes difference in our approach to our customers, suppliers and employees. We highly value our employees. It is not an anonymous structure. Every promise or decision has its face with full responsibility.

Communication and constant access to information is a priority. We use modern IT solutions which fits clients’ needs.



We are creative and love finding solutions to our client´s difficult and sudden needs.

As well as the regular daily ones. We specialize in logistical chains with added value, most often in these fields: retail, chemical industry, automotive.

Thanks to our JV partner BDP International we are big enough to handle any logistical project anywhere in the world. But we are local enough to understand the requirements and needs of our clients and to give them a competitive advantage on regional and international market.

Wakestone - E.stone

Electronic watchdog
it´s under your control even while you are asleep!

E.stone brings modern web interface tailored to individual needs of customers.

Wakestone - E.Stone


Projects are custom tailored solutions that stem from the requirements of a customer and can be generalized as “best in class” solutions universally applicable for other customers with similar needs.

  • Prague

    BDP WAKESTONE s.r.o.
    U Špejcharu 409
    25267 Tuchoměřice

  • Liberec

    BDP WAKESTONE s.r.o.
    Chrastavská 327/23
    46001 Liberec

  • Ostrava

    BDP WAKESTONE s.r.o.
    Prokešovo náměstí 2020/6
    70200 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava

  • Česká Třebová

    BDP-Wakestone s.r.o.
    Průmyslová 2180
    560 02 Česká Třebová

  • Písek

    BDP-WAKESTONE s.r.o.
    Tř. Národní svobody 34
    397 01 Písek

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